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Here's my table for the Poems by Sappho challenge at [community profile] femslashficlets. I claimed WWE for this challenge. Links in the table lead to the full prompts at the community - my fills can be found underneath the table.

1.Deathless Aphrodite of the spangled mind
2.Some men say an army of horse
3....among mortal women, know this
4....for those
5.He seems to me equal to gods that man
6.stars around the beautiful moon burn me
8.their heart grew cold came and I was crazy for you
10.not one girl I think
11.I simply want to be dead.
12.may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend now
14.but me you have forgotten
15.stand to face me beloved
16.someone will remember us
17.when all night long
18.and on the eyes
19.Moon has set
20.spangled is

1. want your golden touch | 502 words, f/f, g, sasha/nikki
2. what you love | 317 words, f/f, t, nikki/alicia
3. from every care (release) | 846 words, f/f, m, alicia/aj
4. watching myself burn again | 333 words, f/f, g, becky/natalya
5. but all is to be dared | 800 words, f/f, t, dana/emma
6. silvery | 340 words, f/f, g, brie/alicia
7. you burn me | 222 words, f/f, t, nikki/paige
8. love is a gun in your hand | 600 words, f/f, g, charlotte/becky
9. burned with longing (and i was crazy for you) | 366 words, f/f, g, aj/paige
10. wisdom like this | 276 words, f/f, g, charlotte/natalya
11. no grove, no dance, no sound | 1000 words, f/f, g, brie/aj
12. delicate | 262 words, f/f, g, becky/paige
13. here now, tender graces | 235 words, f/f, g, paige/summer
14. but me you have forgotten | 300 words, multi (f/f), g, sasha/charlotte/becky
15. the grace of your eyes | 283 words, f/f, m, nikki/paige
16. even in another time | 584 words, f/f, g, kaitlyn/aj
17. and all night long it pulls them down | 429 words, f/f, g, brie/aj
18. and on the eyes | 250 words, f/f, g, paige/summer
19. moon has set | 727 words, f/f, g, brie/paige
20. spangled are we | 125 words, f/f, g, layla/summer

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