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Here's my card for the 2015/16 round of [community profile] ladiesbingo:

Supernatural Elements One meeellion dollars: Indecent Proposal A Blackmail Attempt Last Times / Farewells Pink (Love it, Loathe it, Embrace it, Reject it)
Pack Minorities / Characters of Colour / Women in Canon Siblings Magical Creatures Fission
The Lark Ascending Birth / Beginnings Wild CardLight-Hearted Fade to Black
Co-workers Revelations and Concealments Possessive Behaviour Warm Blooded / Cold Blooded Spy
Factories and other Industrial Spaces Food, cooking and mealtimes Something or Someone Falls Space AU There's a first time for everything: First times

This entry will be updated as the fics are published. Of course, it's all going to be wrestling fic.

1. right where it begins - birth/beginnings | 674 words, g, gen, brie & nikki
2. there will be rain (but clear skies after) - spy | 619 words, g, f/f, alicia/paige
3. real big plans (such bad thoughts) - a blackmail attempt | 777 words, t, f/f, nikki/stephanie
4. where the heart is - food, cooking, and mealtimes | 700 words, g, f/f, natalya/paige
5. embers (all we're left with) - fission | 530 words, g, f/f, charlotte/becky
6. like the moon we wax and wane - warm blooded/cold blooded | 841 words, g, f/f, kaitlyn/aj
7. found our place in the world tonight - factories/industrial spaces | 500 words, g, f/f, becky/paige
8. from every care (release) - an indecent proposal | 846 words, m, f/f, alicia/aj
9. take all of me - fade to black | 2361 words, e, f/f, nikki/paige
10. want your golden touch - possessive behaviour | 502 words, g, f/f, sasha/nikki
11. tied up in the blue and the green - gardening (wild card) | 550 words, g, f/f, brie/alicia
12. grab you by the neck of the woods - supernatural elements | 895 words, t, f/f, brie/lana
13. a connection lost - siblings | 500 words, g, gen, brie & nikki
14. pink (shower the world) - pink | 783 words, g, gen, natalya & paige
15. even in another time - last times/farewells | 584 words, g, f/f, kaitlyn/aj
16. won't ever let my heart hit the ground - the lark ascending | 666 words, t, f/f, charlotte/becky
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